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The Future is A Week Ago

I think that if you had a time machine, and you walked up to Geoff Petrie and offered him your time machine for the low, low price of one cheese sandwich, he would buy your time machine. And he would use it.

1-3 since the trade deadline does not sound terrible, on the surface. It's a road trip after all. But holy cow, keeping Ron Artest was a bad decision. If you don't believe the world I'm callin'...

  • Ron Artest is a game changer on both ends of the floor. Since the deadline, the Kings have given up: 115 points in 106 possessions (CHA, #24 offense), 112 pts/96 poss (ORL, #5 offense), 107 pts/96 poss (MIA, #28 offense), 123 pts/102 poss (ATL, #23 offense). That, sir, is not good defense, sir. Artest has averaged 37 minutes in that spread, more than any other King. DOES NOT COMPUTE.
  • In the press following the Miami loss, Mikki Moore actually said this: "I don't know what other guys did last night, but I think we just came out slow tonight." Ron Artest, the team's leader and game changer, missed the morning shoot-around with "stomach issues and a headache." He still played and shot 3 of 14 against the #24 defense in the league.
  • Sam Amick reports the following in this morning's game story:
In the AmericanAirlines Arena locker room Tuesday, there was friction and frustration when Artest - according to numerous sources close to the team - took exception to Theus' questioning his players and their desire to push for .500 and the playoffs. Artest went at Theus verbally, as he often has, with the issue being moved to the side a day later when Artest said there should be no doubt of his intentions.

When you are too hungover to go to shoot-around, you lose all claims to hunger and desire. If you are too wrapped up in drink and dance (and possibly other things) to make sure you are fully prepared to do your job the next day, you are not allowed to bark back at the coach when he questions your committment. You have made your proverbial bed. Sleep in it.

Theus, contrary to popular belief (in some circles), cannot control Ron Artest. Why? Because no one can control Ron Artest. Bill Cartwright -- a father figure, says Ron -- could not do it. Chuck Person -- a brother, says Ron -- cannot do it. Ron's own conscience could not do it, as proved in Indianapolis.

What had been a highly enjoyable season has suddenly become Musselman Part II. AWESOME.