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The View From Section214, 2/2

This one's in honor of my pops, who would have turned 86 tomorrow -

Pregame I'm scanning the cheap seats hard, trying to figure out who might be TZ. I just have the feeling that he is a chest painter, though he may not have enough friends to spell out "K-I-N-G-S."
An action photo of 3-Wil is on the cover of the program (when did they manage to shoot that?), along with an inserted photo of two female season ticket holders that are being honored as season ticket holders of the night. Justin, you magnificent bastard, you've done it again!
I have seen three Bulls jersey's in the house, all of some guy named Jordan that wears #23. I don't see this guy anywhere on the roster.
The Bulls introduction includes Scott Skiles as head coach, complete with jumbotron picture. Oops.
Bibby gets the last player introduction, but the ovation for Martin was bigger. Pretty big applause for Brad, too.

1st Quarter
Sefolosha sounds like an EDD medication to us, and we all laugh when he winds up long on his 1st free throw. We find it even funnier when Martin leaks out on the next misfire.
Mikki is perturbed that Beno didn't hit him down low with a pass. I wonder if Beno gets mad whenever Mikki drops one of his passes.
Khryapa enters the game. Isn't that one of the side effects of taking Sefolosha?
Two and half left in the quarter and the Kings are up by two in spite of the Bulls' 80% field goal percentage.
Slamson hits a one-handed-backward-over-the-shoulder halfcourt shot. Say what you will about the overstuffed Pekingese, but that's damn impressive, especially in that costume.

2nd Quarter
We share a "Black History Month" moment. Why is it that the shortest month of the year is designated as Black History Month? Just another example of the man trying to keep a brother down.
Garcia and Moore are now having words after a botched switch on Tyrus Thomas.
The Bulls are now winning - The NBA, where unexplainable sh*t happens.
At the next practice every Kings player should have to write 100 times on the blackboard, "Good things happen when Kevin Martin is involved in the offense."

Some dance team, much to the delight of their parents.

3rd Quarter
Ben is still yappin' after his "T." Does he want to go home early or is he just trying to drown out Peaches, who must be saying "Remember that technical later on" right about now?
Mike's shot is making me Bibbinauseaus.
Huge Mike just stepped into our section, and the world suddenly seems smaller.
The video on the jumbotron is asking various Kings how many pairs of shoes they own. Mike Bibby says "1,200." Kevin Martin says "Mike owns 1,200? That's like what a woman would own!"

4th Quarter
Down by two with six minutes left. This could result in a landslide for Jim Mora.
Contradiction in terms for the night - Jump ball between Miller and Nocioni.
Bibby scores his first basket with four and a half left but misses the free throw.
If you just arrived on this planet and had to form your opinions solely on what you have seen this week, Brad Miller is one of the best players in the NBA.
This place gets loud when a King comes through, but it gets loudest when Kevin Martin delivers. No doubt who the fan favorite is here.
Kings win!

A very entertaining game. I think Brad did the double double, animal style for the 2nd time this week, and Martin had (I believe) 26 points on 12 shots. Oh, that Ben Gordon is pretty good, too.

Until we meet again, end transmission.