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Some More Brad Miller Perspective

20/20 games (double-doubles animal-style) for Brad Miller from 1997-2007 (610 games): Zero.

20/20 games for Brad Miller last week: Two.

Brad Miller's rebound rate in 2004-05: 13.9

Brad Miller's rebound rate in 2005-06: 12.3

Brad Miller's rebound rate in 2006-07: 13.2

Brad Miller's rebound rate in 2007-08: 15.9

And things could still get better. Miller's seasonal assists and shooting are down off recent years. The theory: shooting and passing are skills which age well, but also rely a bit on the supporting cast. The team around Miller hasn't been this strong as season. As he gets more space in the high post, he should be able to operate with higher efficiency. If he can accomplish that with holding on to his animal stylings, look out.