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Introducing the Sactown Royalty Hope Alert System

This is based entirely on section214's yeoman work assessing the State of the 2007-08 Season. We'll keep tabs, watching scoreboards and judging moods.

Here, in chart form, is a breakdown of 214's consideration on the probabilities the Kings make the postseason. (We'll assume the West's top five teams -- Phoenix, New Orleans, Dallas, San Antonio and Los Angeles -- won't implode to lottery levels.) And remember, the Kings need to achieve its objective (finishing 25-11) while seeing three other teams meet their doom by finished with the 'required' record or worse.

Team          Current      Required       Chances?
Sacramento      22-24         25-11      Ask later
Houston         27-20         20-15      Plausible
Portland        27-19         20-16      Plausible
Denver          28-18         19-17       Unlikely
Golden State    29-19         18-16    Maim Baron!
Utah            30-18         17-17     No f'n way

Clearly, the biggest obstacle is finishing 25-11. The second biggest obstacle: Watching Denver, Golden State or Utah falter while Portland and Houston refuse to go on hot streaks.

This is rather bleak, even by 'improbable playoff run' standards.