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<nervously twitching until Ron Artest gets traded>


"I just think they (the Kings) would be better if I wasn't on the team. I think (Theus) would be doing much better."

Artest was asked why he felt that way, then reiterated his stance.

"I don't know, just personnel; just personnel," he said. "It'd be better if I wasn't on the team."

He's right. And this isn't even one of those cases where he's right but for the wrong reasons. He knows exactly what's going on here.
"García and Salmons blossom better when I'm not around," he wrote. "I really enjoy watching them. John Salmons is someone that I look up to and García is a very great friend and I like watching them play."

Marc Stein mentioned in his chat yesterday the Kings are trying to attach Kenny Thomas to any Artest trade with Denver now. God bless Geoff Petrie for remaining so stoic; every time a quote like these hits the fishwrap I'd be panicking and panicking some more.