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Super Tuesday Footnotes

I swear, I'm going to try to keep up with these Footnotes thingies.

  • Our coaching staff has street cred! Marty McNeal gets this gem from Reggie Theus: ""One of the first things I looked at was I wanted guys with street credibility. Guys who, when they walked through the door, players knew they knew what they were talking about. I also looked at guys who were tall. I just think that when you have to look at guys eye-to-eye, if you can do that, the ability to get the message across is more easily accomplished." By this measure, The Game has the edge over Juelz Santana. Sorry, Spencer.
  • In case you missed the diary on the subject, the irrepressible J.E. Skeets is the new day-to-day man at Yahoo!'s NBA blog. Skeets is one-third of The Basketball Jones podcast team, which I've blabbered been on several times. As to former Yahoo! NBA blog day-to-day man, the beloved Kelly Dwyer... he'll be back doing the morning 'Behind the Boxscore' posts next Monday, and will have some columns on Yahoo! as well.
  • This Ron Artest-to-Denver story out of Denver's Fox TV affiliate makes less than no sense. I have no doubt the reporter talked to someone in Ron's circle -- that someone insists no one's going to trade for Ron knowing he'll want a big payday this summer -- but taking this person from Ron's circle's theories on Geoff Petrie's mindsight is not the correct path to enlightenment. Take this line: "[T]he source intimated their doubt as to whether the Nuggets had enough "names" on their roster (outside of Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson) to validate any talks." Yes, Petrie is after names. Note to source: Thomas, Kenny. Look it up.
  • Both Jerry Reynolds and section214 will be happy to know Joe Kleine thinks coaching is hard work. I think it's fair to say everything in Joe Kleine's life is hard work.
  • If you're in California, vote. Unless you're evil. Then, don't vote! I'm not one of those guys who would prefer everyone voted no matter their preference. Honestly, I wish you wouldn't vote if you'd be voting for someone other than the person I'm voting for. Does that make me evil? If so, should I not vote? Aaaah, the paradoxes of participatory democracy.
  • Cough, T.J. Ford is back, cough cough.
  • I'm doing a weekly anti-power rankings for FanHouse.