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GAME 47 vs Seattle, Preview & Game Thread

There won't be any fancy-schmancy rock and roll preview. But there will be:

a) A link to Jay Busbee's excellent essay on Friday Night Lights over at BallHype.

b) A link to Kevin Pelton's always-tremendous game preview for (as well as an 'opposing viewpoint' from myself and's Andrew Nicholson).

c) SPENCER. HAWES. Perhaps an NBA starter, reports Sam Amick.

That's right, no Brad Miller. Reggie Theus has shown a strange resistance to starting the game small, though it did happen when Mikki Moore had pressing issues in Utah. Something tells me Hawes has a good shot of getting the nod. Maybe the fact Seattle's offense is terrible? We'll see.

Game's at 7. Hope is on the line. Yes, she'll leave a message. Her message is "Go Kings."