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E-Muss Lives!!!

I was driving around this morning, taking in some Jim Rome, and who should come on as a guest but little Eric Musselman.

I was hoping that Romey would ask E-Muss about Reggie's height requirement for NBA coaches, but it never came up. Rome did ask Musselman about Ron Artest. Rome alluded to the fact the Ron thinks that he would be better off somewhere else. "He must have thought that I'd be better off somewhere else, too," Mussleman responded and followed with a nervous laugh. He then added that Artest brings everything that a coach would want in a player. He's at practice early, he stays late, he wants to defend the opposing teams's best scorer, he wants to be the team leader. "That being said," Musselman added, "Ron does come with varying moods..." He stoppped dead there and when Rome asked him if Artest had anything to do with his exodus from Sacramento, Musselman back tracked, said he didn't really know about that and changed the subject.

Musselman now seems to be re-calibrating to thoughts of coaching in college, where he feels that he would have more of an opportunity to teach and, as he put it, "give back to the game." He did not elaborate as to whether or not his curriculum would include Introduction To Driving While Impaired and/or Strip Club 101.

My favorite all time Jim Rome clip attached, for no other reason that it never fails to crack me up.