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Thursday Footnotes

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  • Kevin Martin's got a new set of Nikes out there, pictured above. Thanks to The Blowtorch for the heads up.
  • Speaking of Martin: Prior to last night, he'd never taken at least 10 FGAs and hit less than two. Actually, only two other times had he ever taken at least 10 FGAs and scored less than 10 points: a 2-10, 9-point game against Minnesota last March, and 2-10, 6-point performance against Seattle in 2006. Kobe Bryant has 11 such games in his career, including one this week.
  • Hey look, it's Indiana native Jerry Reynolds rapping Bob Knight on the knuckles! ""I think Bob Knight was a bully to a lot of little people, the office workers, the lesser players." Coach Reynolds was about the exact opposite of Knight.
  • Will Brinson tipped me off to USA Today's assessment of the greatest players in franchise history. Worth noting: The Big O narrowly beats Tiny Archibald among the reader vote, and Reynolds' top five omits Oscar Robertson and Mitch Richmond for... Wayne Embry (who was great, but not Big O/Rock great). Peja Stojakovic doesn't even make the ballot. Richmond, Chris Webber and Wayman Tisdale are the only Sacramento-era players on the ballot; Webber was a unanimous first-team all-Kings pick.
  • Skeets got to interview Ernie Johnson. Good stuff. Also, Marv Albert will be with TNT through 2016. That's a long-term contract I can get behind.
  • No decision on a Kevin Johnson mayoral run as of yet.