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Lengthy David Thorpe Q&A on Kevin Martin

Via TrueHoop, Sam Amick's long Q&A with Kevin Martin's trainer David Thorpe.

Question: Do you see him as an All-Star caliber player or a possible MVP type player? Is he Michael Jordan or Scottie Pippen?

Answer: In terms of MVP, I think he's much more likely to get MVP of a championship series than he is MVP of the league. The way the league is, the guys who win the MVPs are going to be high usage guys. And I think Kevin is someone who's never going to be a real high usage guy because he's too efficient. He's just going to make the right play, get other people involved and play off of people - passing and cutting, which he's obviously one of the best in the league at that.
So I don't think I would ever see him as an MVP unless he played for a team that really had no other offensive weapons and he scored 30 a night, which I think he could do.

As for Jordan or Pippen, he's not going to be the greatest player of all time, but Pippen was Top 50 of the century. I don't know if Kevin will ever get there, but it's certainly a worthwhile goal.

Tons of good stuff in there.