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Friday Footnotes

  • Brad Miller will play tonight.
  • More Joe Kleine, via TrueHoop. Apparently Portland used the unofficially retired Kleine to make a trade work in 2000. Kleine got $1.2 million for doing nothing. Of course, he made about $2.1 million from the Kings over four years... for doing nothing. As a thank you, Kleine sent the Blazers a bunch of ribs and rib products from his restaurant. Which means the Blazers definitely got more bang for the buck than the Kings ever did. (Come on, does he have one more Kleine joke in him? No.)
  • Interesting discussion in pookey's diary, if you've missed it. I'll remind everyone to avoid name-calling, of course. Unless you're calling Grant Napear or Kenny Thomas names.
  • Jermaine O'Neal says Indiana has ongoing trade talks... going on. I still think he's a candidate for 'tarnished superstar Geoff Petrie wants to save'. He'd be, as an often elite defender, a good counterbalance to both Brad Miller and Spencer Hawes, and I think Mike Bibby'd be a good fit (cap-wise and as a player) for Indiana.
  • Kevin Johnson seems to be fixing the problems with his foundation's properties in Oak Park. In other Maloof-friends-in-public-office news, Darrell Steinberg will be the next state Senate President Pro-Tem, and if you've met or followed Steinberg, you smiled when you read that.