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GAME 48 vs Utah, Preview & Game Thread


I asked C.B. Jack from My Utah Jazz some questions. He gave me some answers. They follow.

When your GM signed two point guards who couldn't get off the bench in 33-win Sacramento last year, what was your confidence level on a scale of 1-10?

We had seen Price play here at UVSC in college. I think a little part of all Utah Basketball fans wanted to see him in a Jazz uniform. We also remembered "the dunk" from last year, so we did have some confidence in him. As for Hart? No confidence at all. In fact, all of us here at My Utah Jazz throw up a little in our mouth when he checks into the game. Confidence level coming into the season: 4

If Malone-to-Stockton couldn't win a title, is there any chance for this core?

I do think there is a chance for this core group of players. While it may not be this year, I do think they have a good 2-3 years window in front of them. As long as Boozer and Williams stick around, I feel like we will always be in the division and conference battle. It would take a favorable seed in the playoffs to make it back to the WCF this year. If SA and the Lakers can beat each other up then we have a chance. Those are the two teams all Jazz fans really don't want to face in the playoffs.

Which long-term Western contender scares you more heading into your team's prime, the Lakers or the Blazers?

Excellent question. At this point I would say the Lakers because we will see them at full force shortly. The Blazers are also a young (younger than the Jazz) up and coming team. This season they are the Jazz of last year, coming out of nowhere. I would rather face the Blazers in a 7 game series than the Lakers

(He also asked me some questions, which I answered.)

The bleeding will not stop, so get the gauze and Glenlivet. And, er, go Kings.