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Q&A on the Warriors

Myself and Fantasy Junkie from Golden State of Mind got together to trade some insight. You can see my answers over there at GSoM; meanwhile, here's Fantasy Junkie's take.

So. Chris Webber. Is this a punchline in Warriors Nation as well? Or do you think he can seriously help?

The Warriors ended their 13 year playoff drought last year by bringing back the coach of the last playoff team. Well CWebb was supposed to be the main piece of our mid-90's championship team, so why not bring him back too to get that championship?

But seriously, I think he can help. As we all know the Warriors have some rebounding issues that they need to deal with. The minute Webber signed, he became the strongest, widest guy on the squad to hopefully eat some space and then clean the glass for 15-20 minutes per game.

But that's not all he can do. He adds a different dimension to the offense with his high post game. He can hit the J and then have some of the guards run off of him on backdoors. We saw both things happen in his first game with the team.

The problem with Webber is his speed. He looks like a Yugo driving next to Ferraris - he just can't keep up. It's hard to have a team built off speed and quickness with 1 guy in there who just isn't anymore. It could end up hurting the Warriors if it takes him a long time to get settled, but with his salary and skills on offense this should be a net win.

There has to be a sense of 'enjoying the present, damn the future' as a Warriors fan today, with most of the roster's future up in the air (not to mention Nellie). Is it a frightening prospect, knowing half these guys might be gone next year? Or is the relief over escaping the dark period enough to keep things spirited?

Right now, we feel like the core will be sticking around so aren't too worried. Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington are still signed for a couple years. Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins are up for extensions as restricted free agents, but as the NBA has seen, RFA's just don't get deals from other teams. Mullin will lock up both this offseason although there's a chance Monta could be traded.

Then of course there's our leader, Mr. Baron Davis. It's possible he leaves, but I just don't see Mullin and Nelson letting him go. I also don't see too many teams taking an expensive chance on a guy who's known for his injuries as much as his great play. $20 million for a guy who could end up playing 60 games? Not too many teams taking that chance. So, there's some concern about the team falling apart but the chances don't seem to high. Right now we're all enjoying the nice little run we're on and will probably worry more about the contracts when the season is over. We haven't been over .500 this late in the season in a long time.

You find a lamp. You rub the lamb. Genie comes out. You can assure victories over any team in the league every time you meet for the next five years. Lakers? Mavs? Kings?

Oooh this sounds like fun. Well, we already feel like we own the Mavs even though this year hasn't been the most fun against them. As far as the Kings, there just isn't the same amount of hatred towards them as against our SoCal friends in LA. Heck if that genie could assure me that the Warriors would be victorious half the time over the Lakers for the next 5 years, I'd be ecstatic. The Lakers have absolutely owned the Warriors over the years. Ummm so I'd choose the Lakers, by a mile.

The Kings haven't had much success against the Warriors lately, but the last few meetings have had me feeling some extra excitement when GSW comes up on the schedule. Y'all feel that way, like in a year or so this could be a real good rivalry?