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Read this and tell me you're in favor of keeping Ron Artest around.

It'd be one thing if we were gunning for a title -- as many other teams interested in Ron-Ron are -- but this is a young, impressionable roster with a new, unexperienced coach whose strength going forward looks to be his motivational and disciplinary skills. How on sweet Mother Earth can he keep control having to babysit like this?

I like Ron (as much as you can like someone like him). I like his game (most of the time). I think he's a stud player (in the right situation).

Notice those cautionary clauses? Those make me wake up hoping we got something for the guy. Also, they make me wish Ron-Ron's agent would stop talking to the Denver media about what Geoff Petrie's going to do.

(It also makes me wish Marcus Thompson III would come with something stronger than expirings and a draft pick. Free Brandan!)