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Introducing: The 'Peaches' T-Shirt

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This, my friends, can be yours for the low, low price of $15.

'Peaches' is the nickname for Sacramento blowhard Grant Napear, as confirmed by reader Muff209. Napear's Wikipedia page referred to the nickname before Sactown Royalty was made aware of the slur. (It has since been removed.)

Why are we making fun of Grant? He's loud. He's a jerk. He's not exactly the most enjoyable TV voice. His radio program will be the death of half of Sacramento males aged 18-34. And... his nickname is 'Peaches.' Come on.

Note that StR won't profit a penny off the sale of these -- 100% of the commission will go to the Sacramento SPCA. (We just don't feel right profiting off the poor sap. Also, we don't want Kenny Thomas to get put down after he gets waived by the team.)

The shirt's available for ladies and gentlemen. You can buy it at Sactown Royalty's Spreadshirt store. That is Sactown Royalty's Spreadshirt store. I repeat: Sactown Royalty's Spreadshirt store.

First person to get a photo of Jim Kozimor holding it up wins two Row T tickets next season.

After the jump, the front design in more detail.