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Channing Frye Responds

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A few of us left some comments over on Channing Frye's blog after section214 apprised us of his bold opinions on Monday. Channing took the time (possibly during the 31 minutes he spent on the bench last night) to respond:

Goodness, gracious! I hadn't expected all these responses, especially from all the die-hard Sac fans who I definitely appreciate. It's JMO, guys.

I guess cause I'm so spoiled by what a tight city Portland is, that when I visit Sac for a day or two, I don't see what there is to do. But, hey, I'm willing to check things out if you want to send suggestions my way.

Just to be clear though, I don't go partying when I'm on the road and I don't go to strip clubs (and I've never been to Avalon -- what's that about???)

Anyway, y'all, thanks for the comments. I love hearing from everyone.

You heard it, folks. He wants suggestions. The Blazers should be spending Wednesday night in Sactown, so if we round up some options for Frye, I think I can get them to him by then. ("Choke on a Squeezeburger and die" is not an appropriate suggestion. For Frye, at least. Robert Horry? Yes.)

Leave them in the comments.