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Balance, Yeah!

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Ron Artest had a great game. Beno Udrih had a very good game (especially if you give him some level of credit for the awful games the Portland PGs turned in).

But the key, as (seemingly) always? Brad Miller.

He didn't "stop" Joel Pryzbilla (the Blazers did that on their own). He didn't shoot well. He hacked a little bit. But he turned in a 14/7/4 night, which is basically the 15/8/5 we prayed for last season. And a key for Tired Brad is keeping down the turnovers -- he only had two.

The turnovers were the key on offense; it helped resolve the unmitigated abuse the Kings suffered on the glass (five offensive boards in 35 opportunities -- ugh). Beno had too many giveaways for me liking... but you can take it when he gives you the offensive performance (14 pts, 7 assists, +50% shooting) he did.

Ron-Ron is deep deep into Brandon Roy's head. A few months ago, folks made big noise about the way Roy plays with the ball -- kind-of deliberate, mixing speeds, fooling his defender instead of blowing by every time. Ron-Ron does not fall for those tricks, I guess. Artest had six steals; Roy had five turnovers.

Good game all around, except from Kevin Martin. Tough night, probably the worst of the season. He always bounces back, though, so watch out Phoenix.