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GAME 67 vs Golden State, Preview & Game Thread

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We must defend this barn!

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS (41-24)  113.9 ORtg (# 3), 110.3 DRtg (#21), 97.1 Poss (# 2)
SACRAMENTO KINGS      (30-36)  108.1 ORtg (#16), 111.3 DRtg (#25), 93.0 Poss (# 8)

Surprising note: Golden State's defense is statistically better than that of Sacramento.

Unsurprising note: Golden State's offense is statistically better than that of Sacramento.

Key matchup: Chris Webber vs. Shareef Abdur-Rahim.

Real key matchup: Kosta Perovic vs. Shelden Williams.

Likelihood of an MVP chant after a Ron Artest steal-and-dunk: Slim.

Likelihood of a loud contingent of traveling Warriors fans: High.

Likelihood of a serious forest fire in the next week as angry Californians finally get to embrace freedom from the winter season with a nice day out at the lake: Moderate.

Likelihood of one or more 'Beno Drainos': Substantial. Nil.

Likelihood of an Anthony Johnson-assisted suicide: Substantial.

7 o'clock. Go Kings.