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The View From Section214, 3/18

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Brought sis214 to the Warriors game tonight, a tradition for over 20 years.

"We Believe" shirts are all over the place. Other Warriors shirts include Davis, Biedrens, J-Rich, Ellis, Rick Barry, Barnes, Mullin, Jackson, and one Nellie shirt (#13).
Hawes and Udrih out but Salmons is suited up.
About 20-25% Dubs fans, and they warmly welcome their team.
We counter their introductions with the eight most terrifying words known to man: " A six three guard from Charleston, Anthony Johnson!"
Jackson and Johnson share a big pregame hug. I forgot that they were teammates in Indy.
16,000 fans, including Warriors fans on both sides of me. I ask them when we were good and used to travel down to Oakland, how obnoxious were we on a scale of 1-10. They say 4. I ask the same in regards to Laker fans. They say 11.

1st Quarter
The AJ-oop to Martin!
Quick hook for Monta Ellis.
The Warrior fans are cool so far but I sooo want to win this game.
Artest and Jackson are mixing it up pretty good.
It looks like we will have no answer for Baron Davis tonight, 12 for the quarter.

2nd Quarter
Dubs fans are impressed by Douby's quickness.
Dubs fans are amused by Artest insisting on a technical.
Garcia is actually running the point while Douby plays the two.
More props to the Warrior fans. Compared to Laker fans they actually know and watch the game.
Artest and Davis are now yakking after Martin gets hit in the face. Ron may not see the finish of this one.
OK, I have to admit these AJ-oops to Kevin Martin are fun.
They are going to need to work on that rim after the assault of Andris Biedrens' free throws.
Fun, fun, fun half of basketball.

Kids Karate, and defense is played for the first time this evening.

3rd Quarter
Davis now covering Martin.
Artest, Miller, Jackson and Davis are all squawking. This is truly whine country.
A 3 by AJ and another angel gets wings.
Anthony Johnson - Professional Basketball Player.
3:33 left in the quarter, Kings by 19, Warrior fans seated and cranky.
40 points for the quarter (for us!!!). I'm tingly.

4th Quarter
Lead cut to 11 with 8 minutes left. Uh-oh.
Can someone explain to me why we have gotten so fancy with the passing all of a sudden?
8 point lead with 6 minutes left and the Dubs fans are back into it.
AJ looks like he's out of gas.
"Let's Go Warriors" chant is quickly drowned out by Kings fans.
You want slaw with that?!? Mikki rocks the rim on a sweet pass from AJ.
Davis misses the illegal defense free throw, then he tries to put it up again, only to be blocked by Brad. Then he tries again, and Brad swats it away. Then the Dubs get a delay of game warning. Ha!
Big ovation for Brad upon fouling out.
The gold files out of ARCO first tonight.
Kings win!!!

An incredible performance by the starting five. Double doubles for Brad, Mikki and AJ, and Martin and Artest both big from the field. If these guys are only playing for pride at this point, their effort tonight said a lot about them. Well done, fellows.