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Even With a Thrilling Victory, Drama...

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From Sam Amick's blog:

It didn't take long, and it didn't make much sense for those of us unaware of the backstory or the context of the day at large.

Less than four minutes into play on Tuesday night at Arco Arena, Ron Artest was clearly fed up with Kings coach Reggie Theus. There had been an exchange in which Artest asked Theus about a play call from the floor and appeared less than thrilled with how the conversation had gone. And seconds later, there was Artest staring at Theus from afar while the coach continued on with his duties. A few minutes later, Theus finally acknowledged the obvious as Artest continued looking in his direction. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "What?"

(Emphasis mine.) Amick doesn't elaborate on the backstory or the context of the rest of the day at large, in his notes column, on the blog, in his game story. So it remains unclear what the (current) problem between Artest and Theus is.

Might be a good time to mention this as well:

With 33 seconds remaining and the Kings up 122-103, Theus called a timeout to insert Quincy Douby and Francisco García. The move infuriated [Stephen] Jackson, who didn't leave the floor for some time while voicing his displeasure with his old teammate, Johnson, and later to reporters.

"That's not right," he said. "I take it as disrespectful. It's good to still want to make your team win, but you're not playing for nothing. ... My biggest worry is to get into these playoffs and make them come watch us if they want to ... . That's not respecting the guys you work with, and I think he should apologize for it."

(Emphasis mine again.) Anyone else feeling like a Nuggets fan all of a sudden?

New rule: When you lose a game to a short-handed team 11-1/2 games behind you, and you are in 8th place by 1-1/2 games... you don't get to chirp about how much better you are. At least a day -- hell, an hour -- must pass before you pound your chest, OK?