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GAME 68 at San Antonio, Preview & Game Thread

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Rumors of San Antonio's death have been greatly exaggerated. Ask Chicago.

SACRAMENTO KINGS  (31-36)  108.4 ORtg (#15), 111.2 DRtg (#25), 93.0 Poss (# 8)
SAN ANTONIO SPURS (45-23)  109.1 ORtg (#13), 104.1 DRtg (# 3), 87.3 Poss (#28)

A win over San Antonio in San Antonio would be a monumental upset, no matter if the Spurs are in 5th place right now. Without either Artest or Udrih (both apparently ailing), a win seems impossible. This isn't a Golden State, susceptible to a bad night. S.A. rarely loses to poor teams at home; it would take a terrifying effort to knock them out with one or two of the team's top three players out.

It's on News10, beware. Enjoy. Go Kings.