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Why Francisco Why?

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Not that the difference between W or L has tons of weight at this point, and no win was even guaranteed had the play ended with a Spencer Hawes rebound instead of three Juan Carlos Navarro free throws. But good freaking gravy. Bad play, man. Bad play.

I might also question just a bit the absence of John Salmons in the last quarter. Salmons had been playing good defense, and Memphis's lineup left the Kings with Mikki Moore guarding Rudy Gay and Garcia guarding Mike Miller. I think Salmons would've done more to limit either. I understand why Garcia was in there -- he shot fairly well, he was rather active (usually in a good way). But Salmons carried you through a month of this season. He is good. He should play.

While we should be applauding the first career start and double-double for Spencer Hawes, we'll instead fact-check Mikki's postgame comments:

"As a team we played selfish on both ends of the floor," said Kings forward Mikki Moore, who had nine points and eight rebounds. "We didn't help each other out on defense, and we were greedy on offense."

Mikki had four made FGs. He was assisted on three of those. The fourth was a putback dunk. Overall, the Kings assisted 20 of 43 FGMs, which is not very high but isn't low either.

There was a stretch where the ball movement died -- the early fourth. And the defense was uniformly awful, save a six-minute stretch in the third. (By the way, if you haven't watched the game yet, from the 7-min mark to the 1-min mark in the third might make you feel good about the future of this team.)

Shock & Hawes, people. Shock & Hawes.