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Maybe the Maloofs Saved Adelman's NBA Career

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A survey of Ron Artest's NBA head coaches.

   Team            Coach   Fired?       Currently?
Chicago        Tim Floyd      Yes     Coaching USC
Chicago  Bill Cartwright      Yes   Nets assistant
Indiana     Isiah Thomas      Yes            Heheh
Indiana    Rick Carlisle      Yes       Unemployed
Sactown     Rick Adelman    Kinda  Coach of the Yr
Sactown   Eric Musselman      Yes       Unemployed
Sactown     Reggie Theus       No    Having brunch

Carlisle will get another job in the NBA, and Theus looks like he'll stick awhile. Remember: Adelman wasn't fired. The Maloofs just decided not to attempt to re-sign him. Perhaps he should be glad he did not re-sign. It's hard to imagine he'd be in a better position today having coached the Kings last season.

(O HAI! Here is a debate between Dan Shanoff and I over whether the NBA is becoming a niche sport.)