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So Long, Sweet C-Webb

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Chris Webber is retiring tomorrow.

Peaches took the occasion to mention his lasting memory of Chris will be that he couldn't win the big game. If I had an opportunity, I'd ask Peaches how what his lasting memory of Peja, Vlade, DC13, Bibby, and Hedo would be if they retired today. (Not to mention Karl Malone, John Stockton or Charles Barkley.)

It's funny -- I remember the big game our Kings didn't win. I don't remember it being Webber's fault.

Here's my lasting memory of C-Webb.

This is when I came to the full realization the Kings actually mattered. This wasn't some fluke, some flash in the NBA pan. The Kings could win it all. We could beat Kobe and Shaq. We could beat anyone.

Ah, innocence.