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Bob Delaney, Your Check's in the Mail

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  • Seriously, Delaney's crew must have thought they were still in Oakland, because this one was full of make-up calls for Northern California. Monta Ellis died for our sins.
  • Memphis's first big run: In the second quarter, when the Kings couldn't score with a Garcia/Martin/Salmons/Artest/Hawes lineup. No movement; the only ball movement was passes between the three guards out on the perimeter. Ugly. I was begging for Salmons or Martin to drive into the zone, but we just ended up with turnovers and bricks.
  • Memphis's second big run: In the early fourth, with Douby/Martin/Garcia/Salmons/Moore on the floor. Let it be said that John Salmons is not a power forward. Yikes. The key: Either Brad Miller or an actual point guard (even Anthony Johnson!) needs to be on the floor at all times.
  • Francisco Garcia's is only marginally better than that of Kevin Martin; Garcia's defense is also marginally less effective than that of Salmons. When a guy has shot 2-11 and his plus-minus in the -20s... I think you give your star (Martin) the benefit of the doubt, unless he's sucking air (because he has had to carry the entire offense all night), in which case you put in the stronger swingman who can rebound and has been known to score efficiently. Just my two cents.
  • If the Kings sign Beno Udrih this summer, backup PG has to be a top priority, either in the draft (Ty Lawson, D.J. Augustin) or in free agency. If Kyle Lowry becomes available for a decently cheap price (a second-rounder, a Douby), I think you snatch him up. He's different than your prototypical Bobby Jackson scoring machine, but he's a solid defender and he can make plays. (He simply destroyed Artest on a transition bucket which stands out in my mind.)
  • Kevin Martin hit as many FTs as the Memphis Grizzlies did.
  • When the cameras get a close-up of Darko, or when he touches the ball, the universe comes to screeching halt. He's the human slow-mo button.
  • I am willing to call Rudy Gay a poor man's LeBron James. Rough night, but he's had a tremendous season and showed some brilliant awareness and ability in spurts last night. And remember, this guy went 8th in a bad draft. Stars can be had in the mid- to late-lottery.
  • Brad Miller was feisty all night long. Never seen him throw so many baseball passes. I think he watched UCLA's weekend games. Also, he molested several Grizzles after Memphis defensive rebounds. Well-played game, Brad.