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Salvation, or Maybe

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That was ugly.

To see Jason Williams nail his fourth three in the first half (in four attempts), to see the Heat bench explode in excitement... ugh.

To see the Heat lead by 10 while Dwyane Wade has two points...

To see Miami player after Miami player either waltz into the lane or bomb away with nary a hand in his way...

And then to see all change completely in the span of eight minutes...

At halftime, my wife and I bet dinner on a comeback. Chimichunga, here I come.

It was not the most epic comeback, considering the stakes (low), the opponent (minor), and the grand scheme (is there a grand scheme?). But if you did not come away completely satisfied with that win, then you have little business being a Kings fan.

From Beno Udrih's extraordinary night, to Kevin Martin's painful efficiency, to Ron Artest's consistently answered prayers, to Brad Miller's well-rounded effort... all the ingredients for a monumentally filling victory were there. Of course, they all came in the second half.

Why the turn-around? Ron Artest explains, through Sam Amick:

"I'm glad coach didn't give up like he did in Miami," Artest said. "In Miami we were down 14, (and) he pulled me out. We got down 26, and he put me back in the game. But (Sunday) we were down 20, and he let us play. He told us, 'You only have five minutes to get it right,' or he was going to put the young guys in. Sometimes in this league, you're going to get down 20. It happens ... . As long as we keep fighting, we'll get it back."

By the time five minutes had gone in the third, the lead was cut to 15. In another five minutes, the lead was five. In another fives, the Kings led by eight.

Say what you will about the source of the blistering offense in the third. (How blistering? 41 points in 24 possessions. An offensive rating of 170.8.) I will point to this:

 Min  FG  FG3     FT  Reb  Ast Blk  Stl  TO  PF   Pts
  12 3-5  2-2  10-11  1-2    0   0    0   2   2    18

That's Martin's third quarter. That's a True Shooting percentage of .915.

Great game all around. Thoroughly enjoyable from roughly 7:15 p.m. on. Go Kings.