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GAME 73 at Seattle, Preview & Game Thread

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Kevin Pelton, as always, has a marvelous preview for He reminds us of Kevin Martin's poor night in the last Seattle-Sacramento game, which was arguably the worst game of Speed's career. The Sonics doubled him everywhere, refused the pass to him off screens, and generally caused havoc. And of course, Martin has to deal with Kevin Durant on the other end.

It does not appear Beno Udrih will play, and Spencer Hawes is questionable. It'd be a shame if this were the final Kings game in Seattle, as Hawes would surely love to have a massive night in his hometown... if only his ankle would cooperate.

This team's playing for two more wins, and they'll hardly find a better opportunity for one than tonight. No Chris Wilcox, who always destroys our frontline.

I offered some thoughts from our side for, as well.

Good A.J., where are you? Game's at 6. Go Kings.