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Rafter Riff Recap

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First of all, thank you to everyone who was involved in the casting of over 600 votes and over 100 comments. As I said in the initial post, I was very interested in how all of you felt about these folks.

A recap of the voting:

  • Chris Webber's #4 would be retired if it were up to you, receiving 119 yes votes out of 128 for 92%.
  • Vlade Divac's #21 would join C-Webb, as Vlade gained 82 yes votes out of 103 for 79%.
  • Gary Gerould received 83% yes votes, though only 35 out of 42 cast.
  • Rick Adelman barely misses, receiving 24 yes votes and 28 no votes for 46%.
  • Geoff Petrie is a no at 34%, 16 yes vs. 30 no.
  • Mike Bibby is a no at 24%, 23 yes vs. 72 no.
  • Peja Stojakovic is a no at 14%, 14 yes vs. 86 no.
  • Grant Napear is a no at 15%, 7 yes vs. 35 no, though 51% say yes to hanging a jersey for Peaches is he is wearing it at the time.
I think that the results are appropriate. Every basketball "generation" should have representation in the rafters. For Sacramento, there was the Richmond generation, followed by our "golden age," followed by our current malaise. The hope is that several years from now guys like Kevin Martin and Spencer Hawes become topics of this conversation.

Thanks again to all who participated. Your input is greatly appreciated.