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Artest Fined For Accusing the Coaches of Not Believing in Magic

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I think all my personal hand-wringing is depleted. In case yours is not:

Kings coach Reggie Theus fined small forward Ron Artest $5,000 for comments he made after Sunday's win over Miami, according to a source close to the team.

On Sunday, Artest questioned Theus for how he coached the Kings' loss at Miami last Tuesday, wondered if the coaching staff shared his desire to make the playoffs.

Theus declined to discuss the fine, but said making comments in the media that are deemed "detrimental" to the team violates his team policy.

"We don't make comments about other players and staff in the (news)paper," Theus said. "We don't do it. Not (comments) that would be deemed detrimental."

The Free Parking space on Kingsopoly now has $15,000 on it. Come on, snake eyes.

Sam Amick suspects it's a 100% face-saving ploy for Theus. Let's hope Ron understands that clearly.

UPDATE: I put things -- this whole convoluted, post-deadline mess -- as succinctly as possible for FanHouse.