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GAME 60 vs the Lakers, Preview & Game Thread

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Evil exists.

LOS ANGELES LAKERS (42-18)  113.4 ORtg (# 3), 106.0 DRtg (# 6), 94.7 Poss (# 6)
SACRAMENTO KINGS   (27-32)  108.3 ORtg (#14), 111.1 DRtg (#25), 92.8 Poss (# 8)

Kurt at Forum Blue & Gold, one of three Lakers fan on the globe whom is not evil (so far as I can tell), breaks down the necessary analysis heading in. I'll let him weigh Sacramento's best opportunity:
The Kings have a couple of players that will give the Lakers problems. One is Kevin Martin, who gives everyone problems because he is damn good. But then there is Beno Udrih, who is coming into his own as a PG and is the kind of quick guy who gives the Lakers issues. Then there is Ron Artest, who may be nuts but can still play the game.

With Udrih and Martin the Kings have two guys who can get into the lane, so the Lakers need to stop the penetration on the perimeter and make good rotations in the paint. They have to control the paint without fouling.

Martin, I fear, should be kept under control by some combination of Kobe Bryant and Reggie Theus. Thus, Beno needs to have another big game. The Lakers defend the perimeter quite well, so it'll take a lot of fearless driving. We know it's something he can; it's a matter of whether he will.

On the other end, I expect the Lakers to drop 130 points. I find no scenario in which the Lakers offense struggles without half their horses coming down with food poisoning. Actually, if Artest can reasonably contain Kobe, and Gasol has a poor night, and Lamar Odom stays content jacking jumpers, then maybe the Kings can hold the Show under 100. Maybe.

I will say this definitively: I'm willing to sacrifice 19 more losses this season if the Kings sweep the Lakers from here on out. If the Kings go 4-19 to finish, and those four are against the Lakers, I will not be mad at anyone.

Sometimes, there are causes greater than ourselves. This is one of those causes.