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The View From Section214, 3/4

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Holy crap! It's been awhile. That long road trip kept me out of ARCO for a month. Hope I can still find my seat.

Anthony Johnson is the featured player photo in the program. This does not bode well.
Beverly Hills 90210 is the intro music for the Lake Show.
Laker fans chanting either "MVP" or "Please Trade Me" when Kobe is introduced, I'm not sure which.
Mixed applause for Artest, though I can't tell how much of the booing is coming from Laker fans (I estimate the mix at about 20% Faker Fans).
Biggest applause for Martin, introduced last.

1st Quarter
Lots of electricity in the building tonight.
The Laker fans have sure helped to fill up the old gas pump tonight, maybe close to 16,000?
Great start by Martin. Let's remember him for four quarters tonight.

2nd Quarter
A video on the jumbo tron depicting Slamson giving his gorgeous girlfriend the boot when he discovers that she is a Lakers fan gets a huge reaction from the crowd.
Hey, John Salmons is in the building tonight.
Ron's steal and jam electrifies the crowd. There are times when the stars are aligned and his play is downright inspirational. Of course you can't spell inspirational without irational...
Warrior fans might be more obnoxious than Laker fans, who so far have been pretty well behaved.

The crowd is a little winded, not used to cheering this loud and long this year.
Hip Hop Crew with their parents dancing, too. Fun stuff.

3rd Quarter
The fan intensity has really picked up on both sides.
The guy in our row with the apparent enlarged prostate does not seem to live by the "wait until there is a stoppage in play before leaving your seat" rule.
Six minutes left in the quarter and the 80% is rockin'!
Brad with the no look...SHOT!!!...and 1!
A guy just walked by with a T-Shirt of "The Punch" (Christie/Fox).
When Anthony Johnson shoots it should count as a turnover.
Anthony Johnson may become my new Kenny Thomas.

4th Quarter
6:30 left and this place is absolutely on fire.
Playoff atmosphere.
OK, Laker fans are more abnoxious than Warrior fans.
I think most Laker fans would sleep with Kobe...if they have not already.
It appears that the Lakers have determined that Kevin Martin will not beat them tonight. Kobe is guarding him and getting lots of help whenever Martin tries to shake him via a screen.
Crap. The good Lakers showed up on the same bus with the bad Kings.
Forced shot by Miller, quick 3 attempt by Artest, shot clock violation, turnover. Quite the four possession sequence. Someone has let the air out of the building.
I think the Lakers have rattled off 14 unanswered. We're done.
With 20 seconds left it is now a 50/50 blend of fans, and Mr. Prostate steps on my foot on his way out. I hope someone spikes your Flomax, pinhead.
Kobe MVP chants > nauseating than watching Anthony Johnson play.

Until Friday, end transmission.