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Delete This Now

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This photograph is as attractive as a double-OT game against a last place team without your two top scorers. Which is to say not attractive at all.

  • Spencer Hawes = b-b-b-beast. Twenty minutes gets you 10 points, 8 rebounds and 2 blocks. Shelden Williams was alright; I'm excited he managed to sneak a block in there in his 21 minutes. He's got numerous blocks this year, which encourages me.
  • How does one go 4-12 from the field get still come out looking efficient? Ask Quincy Douby. He hit 3-6 threes and 3-3 FTs, and ended up with 14 points on 12 FGAs, with a TS% of .526. Also, this game might have convinced Theus that QD is a two-guard.
  • John Salmons played 53 minutes. He is well-conditioned.
  • Ron Artest told the coaching staff 40 minutes before the tip he couldn't play.
  • Theus said he will vote for KJ. One down, 99,000 or so to go.