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GAME 62 vs Minnesota, Preview & Game Thread

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Could it get worse than that Clippers game? Let's find out.

MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES (12-48)  102.1 ORtg (#29), 112.1 DRtg (#27), 90.6 Poss (#13)
SACRAMENTO KINGS       (27-34)  108.1 ORtg (#15), 111.3 DRtg (#26), 92.8 Poss (# 8)

Minnesota can hurt the Kings, as any NBA team can. The method? Al Jefferson on the block. Al Jefferson on the offensive glass. Al Jefferson driving the lane. Al Jefferson in the triple-threat from 12 feet. Al Jefferson boxing out the defensive glass. Al Jefferson frustrating Brad Miller into a tech.

But the Kings (assuming Kevin Martin plays -- he was listed as questionable this morning) should be able to fire up 130 points on this team. Unless Jefferson can kick down 40, or Randy Foye gets fiery along with Rashad McCants and a friend... Minnesota isn't scoring that high. Even against the woeful (whoa! that's awful!) Kings D.

The game begins at 7:09:37 p.m. Go Kings.