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So We Have Good News and We Have Bad News

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Good news: Kevin Martin scores a career high 48 points, on 12-23 FGAs and 22-24 FTAs with 6 boards and 1 turnover.

Bad news: Kings lose to the second-worst team in the league, at home, by 8 points.


  • Brad Miller: 25 minutes, 0 points, 2 assists. No.
  • The bench firepower, Francisco Garcia + Quincy Douby: 31 minutes, 9 points.
  • Minnesota murdered the Kings on the offensive boards: 14 o-rebs in 42 opps. 67% defensive rebounding for the Kings. Awful.
  • Only 11 turnovers in 91 possessions for the Wolves.
  • Craig Smith shot 8-9, Rashad McCants shot 6-11 and 3-4 from three.
The Kings offense was fine, perhaps a little underwhelming in total considering Martin's massive game. (Seriously: 48 points on 23 attempts.)

But good lord that defense... it burns the eyes, it does.