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The View From Section214, 3/7

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Ah, it will be nice to watch an easy win after the gut wrenchers vs. the LA "A" and "B" squads.

Benefits of going to a Kings/Wolves game:

  1. Parking is not a problem.
  2. No concession lines.
  3. Increased odds of being chosen for the half court shot.
  4. Nobody wearing T'Wolves garb.
  5. A good chance to compare the "slowly rebuild" theory to the "blow it up" theory.
  6. Peaches and Scream out of ear shot.
Bad things:
  1. Seeing the pound puppy (aj) live twice in one week.
  2. Parking was still $10, even for this match up.
  3. Gary Gerould out of ear shot.
No Ron tonight means K9(woof!) and the pound puppy both in uniform.
Beno is the program centerfold tonight - the audition continues.
About nine thousand people here - the same as the free practice a couple of months ago.

1st Quarter
The applause and crowd noise is almost Music Circus like.
Ooh, nothing polite about that Martin dunk and the crowd livens up.
Five TO's, little defensive pressure and we're down by one.

2nd Quarter
Every time Anthony Johnson hits a three an angel gets their wings...there are still a lot of grounded angels.
How does Martin get those shots off after that heavy contact? Amazing.
Artest has been flawless tonight.
Udrih goes down. I think he got hit somewhere between Slovenia and Tasmania.
20-32 quarter. Yuck.

Kayte is wearing three inch heel boots. I think Koz is both frightened and aroused.

3rd Quarter
Now it's Randy Foye's turn to take one in the manhood. He got the F knocked right out of him. Call him Randy Oye. The NBA, where blood in your urine happens.
Angela Tsai just walked into our section. Hello!
Mikki is cut? Do lobsters bleed?
The boos come out after Salmons holds for 15 seconds and then turns it over.

4th Quarter
How does Martin keep doing that?!?
Slamson hits the half court shot, granny style.
This is not the type of performance the Maloof's need with the season renewal packages going out.
Three minutes left, down by eleven, maybe six thousand people still here (including media, family, players and vendors).
Theus calls timeout with 22 seconds left and us down by 10 - sigh.

48 for Martin and I go home depressed. How does that happen? Get that f*!%ing thing out of my face. This interview is over. End transmission.