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Intriguing Career Similarity #3

One hundred years hour in solitude has begotten the latest Intriguing Career Similarity. A correct guess earns you 25 Randy Nickels (which equals 5 Rifleman Dollars or 1 ReggieBuck, f&$#ing inflation).

           Age    MPG  Pt36   FG%  Reb%  Blk%  Usg   PER
Player A    19   13.5    12  .451  16.0   5.2   18  12.7
Player B    19   10.7    13  .463  15.5   3.4   19  11.6

Pt36 is points per 36 minutes; Reb% is total rebounding percentage (or percentage of total available rebounds while player was on floor which were collected by said player), Blk% is block percentage (or percentage of opponent shots blocked by said player when said player was on court), Usg is usage rate (or percentage of team possessions used -- by shot, turnover, or FTs -- while said player was on floor).

Player A is a somewhat better shotblocker; Player B is the better (and more willing) scorer. Otherwise, quite similar at this age -- Player B has no modern-era player more similar at this age.

Hint: I was surprised by the ceiling of Player A's career Reb% numbers, considering Player A's eternal reputation.

(Note: There were previous quizzes of this sort, only they were not given ridiculous brands and are thus lost to outer space.)