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Beno: Karma's a Bitch, Peaches

So how about that? Grant "Not Peaches" Napear and his pal Mike Lamb, making friends. Or not.

The pair questioned Ron Artest's absence on Tuesday afternoon (due to injury and/or fatigue; his daughter's cancer has recurred). Ron-Ron caught word and responded Wednesday in the paper. Beno Udrih also responded to the charges, through part of an interview with The Bee's Sam Amick, which ended up on Sam's blog.

The Kings small forward, of course, was roasted on the radio on Tuesday afternoon when he decided not to play against Golden State because of his sprained left thumb. Udrih didn't think that was fair, nor did he think it was right if anyone with the team was questioning him.

"He's fighting for every ball," Udrih said of Artest, "he really puts a lot of emotion in the game. I admire that about Ron. If he's hurt, he's hurt. [snip] You cannot prove a player doesn't feel pain. And if they don't (support you)...I think it's going to come back to you. Somehow, somewhere, some way, it's going to come back around and get you somewhere else. Maybe not in basketball, but .... karma. Bad karma. But I do believe Ron. He's hurting, he's hurting."