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King Makers

This is all pretty absurd, the below-.500 Kings deciding the #1 seed in the best conference in recent NBA history. One down, LOL amirite?!

Before we get into the importance (local and national) of the two remaining for Sactown, let's not let this ultra-satisfying win pass slowly into the night. Err, morning.

  • Ron Artest, man. Ron Artest. His three-point shooting must be 10% better in the fourth quarter. A stunning series of makes, and his nightly jawdropping drive-and-dunk was spectacular, per usual. I still don't want the Kings to give him $10 million. But damn he's a ton of fun to watch.
  • Francisco Garcia is a beast. I didn't know you could be a streaky player on defense, too. Apparently so. That fourth-quarter block party was something to behold. When you see those happen so close to those inexplicable touch fouls on three-point shots ... you realize they are Siamese twins: you cannot have all those blocks without a few cringeworthy fouls.
  • Great activity from Shelden Williams, great production from Spencer Hawes. (The backside block on Tyson Chandler was a personal high note.) It showed up in John Salmons line more than these fellows, but the ability of Kings to hang tough in the rebound margin was unexpected and frankly upsetting. If we can't count on the Kings being a sucky rebounding team, what can we rely on in this crazy world?!
  • Speaking of Salmons: All sorts of brilliant. He's a starter in this league. I hope it's with this team. A three-man swing rotation of Martin-Salmons-Garcia would be better than most.