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Dear Maloofs, re: Seattle ...

Please vote against Clay Bennett's relocation of the Seattle SuperSonics. The circumstances are so sleazy, and the existing questions so profound, it would behoove you (and the league) to wait for existing legal concerns to be resolved before casting your lot with these hustlers.

We fans have little representation at the league's governing table. You know we can't boycott, you know we're loathe to protest. Don't use that against us. Fans across the nation have almost unanimously squealed at the horror of Bennett's bad faith negotiations with the city/state and his merciless misrepresentation of Sonics fans.
Sacramento fans are particularly sensitive to the specter of a relocation (as you might understand). When shrouded in such evidence of malfeasance (or at least mal intentions), it's clear why we'd be united with Sonics fans on this matter.

It makes no economic sense. It makes no practical sense. It makes ... no sense. At least consider withholding a vote tomorrow at the Board of Governors meeting; tell Bennett and the commissioner you aren't OK with how this went down. Mark Cuban has said he will vote against the application. Join him. It's the right thing to do for fans of the NBA.