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Open Playoffs Thread

Feel free to discuss the proceedings of the day's playoffs Game 1s in this thread.

Some playoffs-related links.

- The Basketball Jones' playoff preview is absurdly entertaining (and, err, PG-13).

- Mascots are hopeful.

- My comrades at FanHouse ran through the gauntlet.

- Yahoo! did their thing with blogospheric representation. (Twice actually, as Skeets & KD offered their thoughts on the East and West.)

- Basketbawful and FreeDarko offer their visions at Deadspin. (They're all good, but this one's particularly awesome.)

- Hardwood Paroxysm looks at every team.

- BallHype remains the best spot to find the best everything. And don't forget to fill out your free playoff pick'em bracket for a chance to win an iPod touch and/or a forthcoming non-Peaches StR t-shirt.