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Why This Is Reggie's Fault

I know this thing is getting beaten to death, so I'll try to be brief.

This is all Reggie's fault. If you say something that is left open for interpretation, it will be interpreted in at least a couple of different ways. If Reggie meant to say that Ron is the one guy that draws a double team and can pass out of it, if he meant that Ron is the only true post player, he should have said that. To leave it to something as ambiguous as "get the ball to" leaves you open to misunderstanding. And don't blame the poor, ignorant fan for not knowing the verbiage. Kevin Martin apparently misunderstood what Reggie was trying to say, too!

An attorney, doctor, or stockbroker might use "industry speak" when speaking amongst themselves, but they utilize "layman terms" when speaking to their patients or clients. Reggie needs to adopt this in the future if he truly believes that the issue here is that he was misunderstood.

He refuses to apologize to Sam Amick after throwing him under the bus yesterday. If you listen to the entire interview you will hear that Amick did not mis-quote Theus, nor did he take him out of context. I sure hope that Theus is more contrite with Martin, but my fear is that Theus will tell Martin that this whole thing could have been avoided had Martin called Theus first, therefore this whole thing is actually Kevin's fault.

None of this changes the fact that I like Reggie Theus as a coach. But if he is going to hold his players (John Salmons, Mikki Moore, Ron Artest) accountable for their actions and their comments to the media, then so too should he be held accountable.

As I said in an earlier thread - Man up, Reggie. Own it, take responsibility for it, learn from it, and let's all move forward