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Notes from Coach Theus's Postgame

(I often listen to Reggie Theus's postgame comments, which are posted on the Kings website. It occurs to me most people might not, so it might be worth it to post up any noteworthy items [as pointed out by coolcat in the game thread], yes? Feel free to do this in the diaries after subsequent games.)

  • Quincy Douby strained his back in the first half; Theus said that combined with the close winnable game led him to hold QD out of the second half.
  • He said he doesn't believe Shelden Williams is "in the best shape." Sitting for 60 games tends to do that (which isn't an indictment of Theus; Williams got even less burn in Atlanta). I think it'd be a little too much to ask Shelden to play himself into shape between now and April 16, so we might have to wait until October to see the guy up to Theus's conditioning standards.