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The Final Entry in The Theus-Amick-Napear-Martin-Artest Clusterf*ck

Sam Amick posted the audio from Jim Crandell's show, which is a tour de force of WTF. Listen if you haven't.

Marty McNeal had the definitive column on the matter, which is all sorts of awesome considering McNeal's traditional point-of-view on such matters.

I emailed Grant Napear Saturday morning. My questions and his response follows:


Ziller: Yesterday on your show, you accused Amick of taking comments out of context in order to write his story on Theus's thoughts on Artest. ...

  1. Have you listened to the full comments?
  2. Did you attend the media session?
  3. Do you stand by your statement that the comments were taken out of context?
  4. Did you meet with Theus before going on the air Friday to discuss how to attack the story, though you said during the show you had not?

Napear: I never mentioned Sam's name.  I never said he took the comments out of context.  Reggie made that statement. Once again you have your facts wrong!!! Why don't you call and ask Reggie?  He's the one that was quoted...not me..All I did was ask the questions.  I knew what he meant all along, but to accuse me of ripping Sam is absurd


You can listen to Napear's interview with Theus here. Halfway through, Grant talks about Sam's article(s). You be the judge. (It's also worth mentioning that Napear -- who assails Amick for not understanding they phrase "throw the ball to" -- gets it completely wrong, per Theus's Saturday comments.)