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Ford's New Board


Chad Ford's updated mock draft machine has Russell Westbrook going #11, leaving the Kings to pick Marreese Speights, the stout center out of Florida. This is not a scenario which makes me mad.

Speights tossed up great numbers in limited minutes behind Joakim Noah and Al Horford in 2006-07. This year, with a cupboard mostly empty of supporting talent, he managed to have a wonderful season. Efficient and frequent scorer, superior rebounder, great shotblocker, not prone to turnovers. If he slips to #12, it's because of his weight (he's on the Kevin Love Conditioning Program) and his height (6'10-6'11).

He'd be an incredible match with Spencer Hawes, since Speights figures to hang around the rim. Also, Speights' defense figures to be best on the ball ... whereas Hawes struggles in man defense in the post, but is surprisingly good from the weakside. It's not a potential Duncan-Robinson pairing, but maybe a poor man's Hakeem-Sampson ... which I'll certainly take.

Draft fever, yeah!