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More Money For Small Markets

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Via TrueHoop , the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Don Walker reports on a revenue-sharing tweak which should help the Kings over the next three seasons:

The new plan, approved April 18 at the NBA owners' meeting, covers three years, and begins next year. Under it, qualified teams would receive a maximum $6 million a year. That number would increase over the three-year period.

The total amount to be redistributed to NBA franchises would be $49 million, a $19 million increase over the current plan. [...]

In general, the NBA revenue-sharing plan is funded by the luxury tax on teams that spend more than allowed under the salary cap and escrow fund. The additional money will come from the league's 30 teams.

Sacramento's stayed under the luxury tax most seasons, and is not in real danger in coming years (barring a big signing). This tweak will shift some money from the Lakers, Mavericks, Knicks and Celtics (among others) to teams like Charlotte, Memphis and Sacramento. It's obviously good for the Maloofs, but also good for us. All this revenue helps the big picture of arena proceedings, and even helps in making fiscal sanity with regard to player salary more crucial.