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Peaches is Dead. Long Live Peaches.

So... this happened.

To recap: Muff209 wore his Peaches shirt to the game, got on the pregame show, got close enough to the broadcast team to show off his tee... and landed in the Jack Daniels Images of the Game. (kingsTV captured the moment in the above screen-grab.)

Late last night, Mr. Napear himself emailed to ask that we refrain from selling the t-shirts. I suspected this day would come, though perhaps not so soon. I do not begrudge Grant for reserving the right to profit off his own face. We made $27 for the Sacramento SPCA ($3 per shirt, nine shirts sold), and I'm going to match that amount and deliver it to the pound as soon as Spreadshirt cuts the check.

Thanks to Lady Ziller for the flawless execution in creating the design, thanks to everyone who purchased one, thanks to Muff for getting it on T.V., thanks to kingsTV for capturing the magic, and thanks to Grant for not sending rottweilers to my house.

Now, back to basketball.