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Spoiler Alert!

That was a really fun game. And it helped define a theory which has been bounding around my skull for a few days: When the Kings get good, everyone is going to hate this team.

Kevin Martin is on a Manu/Wade-like warpath toward alienating everyone who isn't a Kings fan. J.R. Smith, Allen Iverson and Linas Kleiza all had moments where they looked like they could kill Martin for coaxing them into dumb fouls on pump fakes. And fans hate that play. If Martin's 13-FTM nights start winning games regularly (like last night), he can become Public Enemy #1.

Spencer Hawes talks so much sh*t it's not funny. He got a few cheap shots in last night. His on-court persona resembles Joel Pryzbilla or Karl Malone -- a borderline physical-to-the-point-of-dirty fellow who has never once committed a foul. (This attribute isn't fully developed, but he's getting there.)

Francisco Garcia has the mean face, and he's not afraid to use it.

Shelden Williams is from Duke. No further explanation required.

Reggie Theus is a pretty boy.

Mikki Moore is demonstrative, a good screener (ask A.I.), and yells a lot. Depending on how long he sticks, he could be a part of the Evil Kings.


Sacramento played Denver without Ron Artest ... and Sacramento was the more physical and furious team. I like that.