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Spin Control

(I promise these posts will stop soon.)

Grant Napear to Sam Amick, Saturday night:

In general terms, Napear said he had dealt with a similar situation years ago, with someone making shirts that had all of his most well-known catch phrases and promising to donate the proceeds to charity.

Napear was fine with the idea until the money never found its way to the charity, at which point the organization came his way with the assumption that he had been part of the project. The experience was, as Napear said, "embarrassing," and nothing he wanted to go through again.

Grant Napear to me, Friday morning:
I'm only concerned about my two young boys and what they would say if they saw someone wearing one of those shirts.

It almost seems like "Napes" wants to end this looking as out-of-touch and self-centered as possible. Again, his cease-and-desist came before he knew the money was going to charity. Unless he didn't feel comfortable telling a random fan about his past negative experience in a similar matter but did think it'd be OK to release that to the city's only daily newspaper ... then this explanation doesn't check out. "Napes" sent me a C&D for the same reason he reportedly went stone-faced at first glance of Muff's shirt and the same reason he shut down Jerry when it made "Images of the Game" -- because the nickname Peaches makes him angry.

Incidentally, on Friday rbiegler and section214 helped me come up with some questions to ask "Napes" in the impromptu interview. Unfortunately, the interview ended quickly because I don't know anything about anything. Feel free to guess how "Napes" would have answered.

What kind of tree would you be?

Do you want to be Gary Gerould when you grow up?

What are your feelings on the Diamond and Gold Vault?

What's it like to bang a stewardess?

Unfortunately, the world will never know.