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Finding Another Way to Raise Money For the Sacramento SPCA: The K-9 Fund Drive

Since some killjoy named Peaches ended our efforts to raise money for the Sacramento SPCA by way of cease-and-desist letter, let's collect some funds in the name of K-9 (woof!).

100% of this money will go to the SPCA on Opening Day of the 2008-09 season. (The ending date will be adjusted accordingly, once the schedule comes out.)

We'll stick all the money raised from the discontinued t-shirts into this pot; we'll be trying to a get a Kings sponsor or two to pitch in as well. (Hey, maybe even the Diamond and Gold Vault!) I don't think I need to explain why the SPCA could use our help -- on top of the myriad pets typically abandoned by local folks, all the damn foreclosures have increased the burden on our local animal shelters dramatically.

I've seeded the fund with matching funds for the $39 we raised through t-shirt sales. (Amazingly, people found a way to purchase four shirts after the C&D from Peaches. I have no clue how.) As soon as Spreadshirt cuts the check, those funds will get thrown in here too.

Stick it to Peaches! Help K-9 (woof!) and his friends! (Incidentally, if you'd feel more comfortable donating to the SPCA directly, that information can be found here.)