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D'Esprit Pauvre

By the second quarter, you could tell this wouldn't be a repeat of Saturday night's game. The team went as far as it could in the first quarter, and simply died on the court. A few things stood out:

  • Whatever hope for the 'Francisco Garcia as backup point guard' ply the last week had brought... ugh. Four turnovers for the fellow, in 18 minutes.
  • I'm rather sure I don't need to discuss a Ron Artest 7-for-20 shooting night. And it was the exact opposite of most Ron Artest 7-for-20 shooting nights -- he was only hitting the long shots, with four blocks against.
  • 38 minutes for Spencer Hawes. Not a great game, maybe not a good game. Fouling Kobe Bryant hard in transition will always make you some friends, though.
  • Anthony Johnson is the antonym of "involved" on offense.
  • Quincy Douby, leading the team in assists. (That's not a good thing.)
  • I'll just throw this out there: Kevin Martin took nine fewer FGAs than Artest ... and outscored him by three points. Efficiency, good!